Will the partnership be renewed again?

Legal news

It has already been tried before to amend legislation in respect of partnerships, which are the general partnership (in Dutch: VOF), the limited partnership (in Dutch: CV) and the professional partnership. There have been attempts before to modernise these ‘old-fashioned’ forms of cooperation and bring them into the 21st century. To that end, a number of years ago an extensive legislative amendment was drafted, which eventually failed completely. However, a new modernisation attempt is in progress as we speak. The starting point is to link up more with the needs in practice. The legislative proposal is currently in the preparatory phase. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when the legislation will enter into force. However, indications are that it just might be successful this time.

Why is this legislative proposal so important?

Below we are highlighting two striking subjects from the legislative proposal that relate to the liability of partners in the general partnership, the limited partnership and the professional partnership. In addition, the legislative proposal includes even more interesting changes, which we will certainly be bringing to your attention by means of news messages on our website and a presentation at our office as soon as the legislation is final.