Ati Bijnevelt

Ati Bijnevelt
Sinks her teeth into a case and does not let go
Financial law & Insolvency law, Business law
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About me

“My motto is ‘Hard on the case, soft on the person’. This enables me to convince other parties to cooperate and to bring a case to a swift end that is as favourable as possible. In the unlikely event that this is unsuccessful, I do not shy away from submitting the dispute to the court.”

Financial law & Insolvency law, Business law

Ati specialises in financial law & insolvency law and Business law. Among other things, she deals with the termination of credit relationships, enforcement disputes, letting clauses, management clauses and eviction clauses, cases of excessive lending and compulsory compositions. She does so mainly for the Special Credits Departments of various major banks.

Ati finds it important to look beyond the literal question asked by her clients. That is why she likes to give them advice on the various possibilities to reach the ultimate goal. Ati does so with creativity, inspiration and a fresh outlook on the case.


Study & career

Ati graduated in Dutch law at Tilburg University and obtained her Master’s degree in 2015. After her graduation, she came into contact with financial law at a major bank. After that, as a lawyer she entered the employment of a medium-sized law firm that specialises in financial law and banking security. In April 2022, Ati made the transfer to Law&Pepper Advocaten.

Register of practice areas

In the register of practice areas of the Netherlands Bar Association, Ati has registered the practice area of financial law. To maintain this registration, according to the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association she must obtain ten training points in the registered practice area every calendar year.