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Ivette Mol
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About me

“People say that my eyes shine more brightly when I am actively engaged in my profession. I think lease law is a fantastic area of law! I proverbially get my teeth into a case and try to achieve the best result for my client.”

For lessees and lessors
Ivette Mol is partner/owner of Law&Pepper Advocaten. Ivette specialises in lease law in the broadest sense, which also includes areas of law related to lease law such as loan for use agreements and rights in rem. Both lessees and lessors may turn to her for advice and assistance. In her consultancy and litigation practice she focuses on commercial property lease law. She acts on behalf of retail chains, investors, institutional investors, property developers, financial institutions, government agencies, and housing associations.

Ivette studied law at Tilburg University, where she graduated in 1999. Her love of lease law was ignited in 1995, when she started working as a volunteer at the lease law department of Stichting Juridische EHBO (a foundation for legal first aid). After her graduation, Ivette worked as a lease lawyer at Banning Van Kemenade & Holland Advocaten en Notarissen (which later became Holland Van Gijzen Advocaten en Notarissen) in Eindhoven. In 2006, she continued her career as a lease law specialist at the Stibbe firm of lawyers and civil-law notaries in Amsterdam. In 2011, she returned to Eindhoven to join Law&Pepper Advocaten.

Specialist courses

Ivette followed the specialist courses in Immovable Property Law at Grotius Academy (2004) and Lease Law at the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners (2007). Ivette is a member of the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners.

Ivette has been teaching lease law courses for many years now. Among other things, she is the resident lecturer in lease law at the OSR Legal Training Institute, at the specialist course of the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners, and at the BMC Development Centre (of BMC Yacht), where she teaches the subject of lease law to specialists of housing associations. Ivette also regularly acts as visiting lecturer. She teaches the course participants the tricks of lease law in a dynamic manner.

Publications on lease law
In addition to teaching, Ivette is also an editorial member of the leading Dutch magazine on lease law for business premises (TvHB), in which she regularly publishes articles about her speciality. Ivette co-authored the Handbook on Lease Law for Business Premises (2013 / 2018); in 2018 she was also an editorial member of this handbook. Together with Nathalie Amiel, LLM, of the firm Houthoff she writes articles for the ‘summary justice’ section of the legal magazine by the name of Mr.

Great commitment to field of expertise
Ivette is a board member of the Dutch Association of Landlord and Tenant Law Practitioners (VHA) and she is a member of the Lease and Property advisory council of the OSR Legal Training Institute. Ivette was a member of a disputes committee of a housing association for nine years, six years of which as a chairperson. In 2008, Ivette was voted best young lawyer in the field of lease law by prominent lease law specialists.

Register of practice areas
In the register of practice areas of the Netherlands Bar Association, Ivette has registered the practice area of lease law. To maintain this registration, according to the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association she must obtain ten training points in each registered practice area every calendar year.