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Professional support lawyer
Elina Swaneveld
Immediately getting to the heart of the matter
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About me

“My added value for the client is that I know how to get a clear overview of all the facts in a case and how to translate them into understandable and useful advice, a powerful court document or a convincing letter. I love to play with language and to strengthen the (legal) content of a written document with the right words and structure.”

Professional support lawyer
Elina Swaneveld specialises in lease law and has much experience both with commercial property lease law and with residential property lease law. As Professional support lawyer, she is part of the lease law practice group of Law&Pepper Advocaten. Elina conducts research, among other things, and she works together with the lawyers of Law&Pepper in diverse and complex lease law-related cases.

Collecting relevant information quickly
Elina is an experienced lease law specialist who is able to collect all relevant information quickly, read between the lines, and immediately get to the heart of the matter. She works on the basis of a clear action plan that she tailors to the client’s needs. She is able to immediately respond to unexpected developments without any problems.

In 1999, Elina became familiar with the legal profession as a secretary in the lease law practice group of a medium-sized firm in Eindhoven. Parallel to this position, she completed her studies in Dutch law in five years. In 2006 she graduated with a thesis on a lease law subject. After her studies, she started working as a legal assistance provider and as a lawyer at SRK Rechtsbijstand in Zoetermeer. This is where she further specialised in lease law and gained a lot of litigation experience. Elina also has much experience in the area of purchase and sale, apartment law, rights in rem, and statutory rights and duties between neighbours.

Obtained a doctorate
In 2015 she temporarily put her gown aside in order to complete her doctoral thesis. At the end of 2016, Elina obtained her doctorate on the subject The lease of unbuilt immovable properties’. Elina joined Law&Pepper Advocaten in February 2018.