Mignon ter Beek-Ehren

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Mignon ter Beek-Ehren
Pulling out all the stops
Business law, Financial law & Insolvency law
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About me

“It is great to achieve the best possible result for every client. Some cases are purely about ‘winning’, while others are about limitation of loss.”

Solving a diversity of issues
Mignon ter Beek-Ehren is a partner at Law&Pepper Advocaten and she specialises in business law in a general sense, financial law and insolvency law. In her consultancy and litigation practice she assists clients in a diversity of issues, including on contracts and liability, financing, security, and in insolvency situations. In addition, she regularly gives advice on rights of leasehold and rights of superficies.

Dedication and commitment
Mignon is a passionate lawyer who pulls out all the stops for every client. She loves the diversity of her job. Whether it is a matter of getting to the bottom of the law, substantiating positions as well as possible, having discussions with counterparties or conducting legal proceedings if such proves necessary: she does it all with equal dedication and commitment.

Mignon has been a lawyer since 2004. She studied Dutch law and law and economics in business and society at Utrecht University. After her graduation in 2003, she worked at a law firm in the south of the country, and focused mainly on business law issues. In 2011, she successfully completed the specialist course in Financing and Security at Grotius Academy. Mignon joined Law&Pepper Advocaten on 1 September 2010, and she became a partner on 1 September 2019. In addition, Mignon publishes articles, teaches courses and gives seminars in the field of business law and financial law.

Register of practice areas
In the register of practice areas of the Netherlands Bar Association, Mignon has registered the practice areas of financial law, law of obligations and civil procedural law. To maintain this registration, according to the standards of the Netherlands Bar Association she must obtain ten training points in each registered practice area every calendar year.