Business law

The field in which business lawyers operate is broad. It includes all types of law that a company may be confronted with. We have chosen a number of clear specialist areas, which means that there is always a lawyer in our firm who effortlessly delves deeply into a case for you as an entrepreneur.

Setting up a business
We can give you advice as early as the start of your business. Should you set up your business as a private company with limited liability or as a partnership? And, in case of the latter option, what is the best choice: a professional partnership, a general partnership or a limited partnership? We sort it out and assist you in the incorporation. Naturally, this includes giving advice on and drafting articles of association, a shareholders’ agreement or collaboration agreement, and other legal documents.

Restructuring and reorganising
Your business may face setbacks. In that case, restructuring or reorganising the company (or group of companies) is an option. We assist you in the legal part of this process.

Directors’ and officers’ liability
You may encounter circumstances that force you to intervene. Unfortunately, mismanagement occurs. That is when our expertise in directors’ and officers’ liability is very useful. Are you the director of the company or do you represent the company? We know your legal position, we give you advice and, if necessary, we conduct legal proceedings.

As an entrepreneur, you are dealing with contracts in which your business is a party on a daily basis. Contracts with suppliers and customers, agency contracts and distribution agreements, collaboration agreements, franchise agreements, contracts for services, etc. We organise these contracts for you and assist you if a dispute arises with one of your contracting parties.

Business discontinuation
A business discontinuation also includes legal aspects. We give you advice on how best to deal with this and, if necessary, we settle any matters for you. A special form of business discontinuation is a liquidation. You can find more information about our expertise in this regard on the page Financial law & Insolvency law.

Our specialists in business law