Construction law & Property

The specialists in Construction law & Property of Law&Pepper are familiar with the world of construction and keep a close eye on the legal developments in construction law and property law. This makes us a good brainstorming partner and representative for various parties in construction.

We act on behalf of contractors, architects and structural engineers, but certainly also for commissioning parties, investors and property developers.

Construction law

Our specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the area of civil construction law, and are pleased to assist you from the early stages of a project. We give advice on matters such as contracting and the application and interpretation of standard and general terms and conditions in construction, such as the Uniform Administrative Conditions for the Execution of Works (UAV), the Uniform Administrative Conditions for Integrated Contracts (UAV-GC), the General Terms and Conditions for Contracting Work in the Construction Sector (AVA) and The New Rules (DNR).

We can also assist you in case of a construction dispute. We have much experience with disputes on construction delays and their financial or other consequences. We also have much knowledge of liability for hidden or visible defects in construction, contract variations, price increases and unforeseeable circumstances.

Where possible, we try to nip impending or current disputes in the bud. And if we are unable to do so, we represent your interests with conviction in proceedings before the Arbitration Board for the Building Industry, the court or another body.

Buying and selling immovable property

In addition, we are also pleased to give you advice on legal issues relating to the purchase and sale of immovable property. Since property transactions often involve major financial interests, it is important to seek advice in time. We assist you during the negotiations, but are also pleased to draw up a purchase agreement for you. Moreover, we can give you advice on specific provisions in the purchase agreement concerning matters such as guarantees, non-conformity, resolutive conditions and age clauses.

Naturally, we regularly conduct legal proceedings about property-related issues, such as legal and actual defects and the associated obligation to investigate and duty to disclose, negotiations broken off lawfully or unlawfully, and about whether or not contractual penalties must be paid.

About property law

The specialists of Law&Pepper can also assist you if you have any questions in the area of lease law and other aspects of property law. We regularly assist vacant property managers, and regularly take action against squatters. You can also contact us if you have any questions about rights in rem such as apartment rights, ground lease, right of superficies and easements. Owners’ Associations and apartment owners are welcome for advice on amendments to the deed of division or the internal regulations, and for legal proceedings, for example to obtain an alternative power of attorney or the nullity or voidability of resolutions of the Owners’ Association.

Our specialists in construction law & property