Financial law & Insolvency law

Sooner or later, almost all entrepreneurs face financing issues.

Upon the start, acquisition or expansion of a business, when financing, additional financing, security or additional security is required. However, this also applies when various other contracts are entered into as part of the business activities.

Liquidity problems also entail questions about financing, security and/or insolvency. Our lawyers can assist you in such a situation, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, the bank or a creditor. We take stock of the situation and make choices, so that you receive clear and unambiguous advice.

Financial or other contractual relationships that are new, ongoing or come to an end involve quite some rules, rights and obligations that you are confronted with. We arrange everything conveniently for you, and can assist you in issues involving rights of pledge, retention of title, leasing, mortgage rights, financing, suretyships, rights of retention, rights of leasehold, rights of superficies, liability, and the actions of receivers and other parties involved.

Consultation is preferred
Our lawyers deal with financial law and insolvency law on a daily basis and know from experience that their clients almost always benefit most from consultation. Conducting legal proceedings should be a last resort. In order to arrive at a consultation situation, you need a lawyer who dares to take the initiative, has a vision of the situation, and is convinced of what they are doing. We opt for this active approach, resulting in many satisfied clients. If proceedings are unavoidable, naturally we also have extensive litigation experience.

Insolvency law
We assist parties in liquidation situations. We never act as receiver. We have made that choice deliberately. A lawyer who is appointed receiver may end up in a conflict of interest. Moreover, in our opinion the consequence of the legal position of a receiver is that they cannot sufficiently serve the interests of the various parties involved.

Our specialists in financial law and insolvency law