Lease law & Property

On top of developments

Lease law provides for the rights and obligations of lessees and lessors of commercial property as well as tenants and landlords of residential property.

Lease law is dynamic and has undergone many changes over the years, prompted in part by social and economic developments. Our firm has lawyers who specialise in lease law and who know about the developments in the market. They give advice on and conduct legal proceedings about a wide range of lease law issues.

Lease of business premises

Our specialists assist both lessors and lessees of business premises. They draft leases and general terms and conditions, and they conduct negotiations on new leases. They also give advice in case of discussions about current leases. Examples are disputes about rent, terminations of leases, retail exclusivity discussions, discussions about defects, and renegotiations of current leases. A specialised legal eye is of great value in this respect.

Interests of various parties
When property is developed or redeveloped, for example the renovation or extension of a shopping centre or office building, dealing with the interests of the various parties often requires a delicate touch. Our lease lawyers are also well versed in this, and they assist both lessors, such as institutional investors, and lessees, such as retail chains, in such processes.

Letting of residential property

Residential property lease law is in full swing. Our lease lawyers are constantly monitoring the developments in this field. They mainly assist professional landlords, such as housing associations.

Contracts in new situations
They give advice on the application of new rules in daily practice. Moreover, our lease law specialists assist their clients with respect to contracts for new tenants, the adjustment and termination of current contracts, and renovation projects. They also give advice on temporary letting in case of a vacancy, and on the termination of tenancy agreements.

Property law

Our lease law specialists have extensive experience with areas of law related to lease law. They regularly assist vacant property managers, and they regularly take action against squatters of buildings. You can also contact them if you have any questions about rights in rem such as apartment law, ground lease, right of superficies and easements. Owners’ Associations and apartment owners can contact them, among other things, for advice on amendments to the deed of division, amendments to the internal regulations, and the conducting of legal proceedings, for example to obtain an alternative power of attorney or the nullity or voidability of resolutions of the bodies of the Owners’ Association.

Our specialists in lease law & property